Yes, Count me in! I'm ready to Start Landing High Ticket Clients like Clockwork using Proven Tactics that Convert Like Crazy..."

I understand I'll Get Instant Access to...

Three Weeks of Live Training w/ Group Coaching - This live Masterclass training will show you everything you need to build a six figure local marketing business quickly. From getting started to landing clients, maximizing profits, referrals and recurring income.

PDF Follow Along Guide (slides)  Each week you'll get a follow along guide which will include all of the slides, resources and important information you may need to review later. This course is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to be successful!

Access to all Recordings  In your private members area you will find the recordings for each section along with key resources by COB every Friday. These recordings will always be available for you to review later if you need to revisit the training for any reason.

Weekly Action Plans -One of the most important things you can do to move your business forward is take MASSIVE ACTION but we recognize it can be hard to figure out where to start. That's why we are including weekly action plans to make it easy for you to just make it happen!

During this Exclusive Live Training I'll Learn...

Week #1 - Setting Up Your Agency , Hiring People, and Getting Your First Sale  - In the first week we get you started quickly by showing the fastest way to get started selling services, building your portfolio, building your team and most importantly landing that first client to break open the floodgates.

Week #2  - Finding More Clients, Building Your Network and Closing the Deal - Then we'll dive into the best methods for growing your client base rapidly through lead gen and networking. Plus we'll show you how break down your clients niche, create a proposal and close the deals.

Week #3 - Delivering Services and Keeping Clients On Long-Term - In the final week you'll learn the keys to delivering up front and monthly marketing services including Web Design, Facebook for Local, Remarketing, Basic SEO, lead gen, tracking and reporting back to your clients.

Week # 4 - Bonus Q & A Session - As a bonus we've set up a call specifically to cover anything you may have missed from the previous weeks, answer any questions you may have and ultimately get you off on the right foot!

Plus I'll Receive this Exclusive Bonus Package....
Bonus #1 – Strategic Consulting Call for Your Business ($297 Value)
Jump on a live call with Neil and Robert to discuss how you can use their strategies in your business. We can cover anything needed during the one hour call including setting up from scratch, targeting new clients and expanding your business. This is a great opportunity for us to really step in and help you personally with your business. We look forward to speaking with you!
Bonus #3 – Completed Ebook at the End ($197 Value)
Each week you'll receive Follow Along Guides and Action Plans which we will compile into an ebook you can use later. Having the entire training including all relevant resources in one easy to digest ebook will give you a step-by-step blueprint to follow!
Bonus #3 – Private Support Email ($197 Value)

We understand you may have questions that need to be answered during the week between training's we set up a private email for you to reach us. You can use this for questions related to the training, help with a client you landed or even issues with delivering the service.

We will actively check this inbox and generally get back to you within 24 hours, if not less. This type of support can be huge when you just need that one thing answered quickly!

Bonus #4 – Live Mastermind Meetup in Denver, CO ($297 Value)
In addition the massive value for this live training we are also giving you a FREE INVITE to our upcoming live (in person) mastermind! You'll be able to network with us and other local marketers, learn the most current strategies and take your business to the next level! This bonus is worth the price of admission on it's own!

I'm in! I Understand I'll be getting Three Weeks of Live Coaching to Help me Build a Six figure Local Marketing Business plus the exclusive bonus package so I can hit the ground running...

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Class Starts April 13th @ 3pm EST
See you on the live calls!

Neil Macpherson


Robert Dickson

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